ITrace - Automatic Web Tracing
Integrated Intermodal Systems, Inc.

Access Web Pages Automatically:
ITrace ITrace is designed to make automatic access to Web Pages simple. Primarily designed to access tracing/tracking information from railroad and steamship sites it can be easily extended to access information from any standard web page.

SRP $1,495

ITrace Consulting:
ITrace We're happy to discuss any special requirments you may have or to work with you in integrating ITrace with your existing systems. Send e-mail

ITrace Front End for Manual Systems:
ITrace Enter units you want traced into a simple form, schedule the frequency you want them traced and your reporting needs. ITrace Manual will interact with the ITrace engine to trace the units, gather the results, and place them in a variety of printed and on-screen reports.

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SRP $995

Requires ITrace Engine